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Don't Be Fooled By High-Tech Features 🤖

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3 Things We 💙: Easy Setup, Control, & Maintenance!
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Don't Let The High-Tech Features Fool You

The Aeraqua Duo is the most user-friendly protein skimmer we've ever ran in a reef aquarium. 

All of the technological bells and whistles are really just simple solutions to solve the shortcomings of skimmers past.

Maxspect Aeraqua Duo Protein Skimmer: Our Favorite Features + Installation & Control Tips!
You don't have time for instruction manuals. You're busy reefing!

It's Not Just Performance. It's Convenience.

Our team at CoralVue has been running an Aeraqua Duo protein skimmer for 6 months. It meets or exceeds our needs so effortlessly it has changed how we view the cost of owning a protein skimmer. 

How do you measure value? Time is one way. And the Aeraqua Duo saves us a ton of it. Removing the cup requires zero effort. Taking the skimmer apart is easy, so cleanup is a quick job. The dual intakes make adjusting the skimmer completely hassle-free, so you're not stuck fiddling with it for days.

You know all of the little frustrations you accept as part of owning a protein skimmer? Maxspect has improved or removed every one of them. You will never look at skimmers the same after using the Aeraqua Duo. 

Connect Your Skimmer, Lights, and Pumps.

With Maxspect Connect, you can control the Aeraqua Duo along with other Maxspect devices like Gyres, Razors, Recurves, Ethereals, and Turbine Duos from a single app.

Maxspect didn't play it safe. They took risks. They did not compromise. They had a vision to build the best protein skimmer on the planet. And they did it.

Find out for yourself how the Aeraqua Duo will reduce algae, promote gas exchange, increase oxygen, help maintain pH and, most surprisingly, improve your quality of life.
Here's what people are saying about the Aeraqua Duo:
"You are going to be thoroughly impressed." — Reef Builders

"Very helpful and beneficial for your reef aquarium." — Marine Depot

"Worth every penny." — Live Aquaria

"This skimmer is one of the best that I've ever seen." — Reefs.com
"It's a beast." — Aaron's Aquarium

"This protein skimmer really has it all." —  Mad Hatter's Reef

"They're putting out some really good product." — Aquatic Tranquility

"This thing is sexy, silent, and it performs great." — RealReefingTV
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