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Tank: 22 gallon Reef Savvy 20”x16”x16”H

Stand: Custom

Heater: Ehiem Jagar 100w

Lighting: Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue w/ Mounting Arm


AquaClear 70 w/ Sponge and Biomedia (Temporary) 

Sump: (Not Currently Operating)

- Skimmer: Eshopps S-120 (old model)
Return: Tunze 1073.050


Circulation: Vortech MP10

Sand: Unknown Large Grain Size

Rock: Unknown Likely Caribsea Life Rock
Water: BRS 6 Stage RODI System
Salt: LiveAquaria

Dosing: Not Currently 



ReaSea Nitrate

HI736 Ultra Low Phosphorus

HI775 Alkalinity 

Salifert Calcium

Salifert Magnesium



- Lightening Maroon Clownfish

- Khole Tang (in need of new home)

- Pajama Cardinalfish



- Thin Strip Hermit

- 2x Blue Legged Hermit

- Scarlet Hermit

- Feather Duster

- Various Snails 




Grube's gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava)

- Orange Ricordea florida

- Orange & Blue Rhodactis

- Orange & Blue Zoanthids

- Yellow & Blue Zoanthids

- Green Zoanthids

- Red Zoanthids



- Goniopora



- Birdsnest

- Montipora

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Picked up a reef tank from a local this weekend. The reefer was leaving the hobby for personal reasons and had to get rid of their tank quickly. They ended up giving me their entire setup and their additional equipment and supplies. The tank is custom from Reef Savvy with a corner overflow drain. The custom stand has a soapstone top with a built in front, top and bottom accent lights with a controller board on the front. The setup included a eshopps sump with a filter sock, refugium, skimmer, return pump, ATO and dosing system. The tank contains a mature (approximately 3 years) reef with an array of corals and a few fish. 










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The move itself was rather stressful.

When I arrived to pickup the tank I was not completely prepared. First I did not account for the tank overflow pipping which prevented the tank from being able to sit flat. Then the stand didn’t fit in the back seat like I had thought. Fortunately, I was still able to fit both in my SUV. However, I was unable to fit all of the extra equipment and even forgot some essential items (light and power head). 

After making it home the stand was removed and put in place. Then when moving the tank the return piping broke. So the tank was set on the stand then I left for the hardware store to find a fix for the piping. I was able to cut and glue a new connection on the return, pending a leak test 😅. Then ultimately decided to hold off on starting the sump. 

I decided not to use the sump to leave room for ATO water and dosing containers.  The previous owner had their equipment setup in their basement but I was not able to this and needed additional room in the stand. So I began filling the tank and adding the livestock. The tank was filled jut below the overflow. Then I setup my AquaClear 70 from my QT for temporary filtration. 

After getting everything put together it was finally time to startup the tank, only I couldn’t figure out which cord it was.... After tracing the cord back to the outlet I was eventually able to get the Apex started up. First I found a spark from two bare wires that were cut during disassembly. Then I came to realize the heater had turned on as it began to melt the bubble wrap around it. Ended up throwing the heater out to avoid any toxic chemicals in the tank.  Lesson learned, unplug everything before starting your apex 😂.  At this point I placed my QT heater and salt mix heater in the tank which kept the tank around 75F for the night. 

The next day I returned to the previous owners house to pickup the rest of the equipment. Then continued to troubleshoot the apex as I could not figure it how to setup the network. While I was out I purchased a new heater to get the tank up to temperature. Eventually, figured out the apex network by the end of the night then started to dive into the basic setup. Received the previous apex setup which was a huge life saver in determining the set points for the wavemaker and light. 












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Since the tank has been setup I’ve had to move it a few times. All to keep my 19 month baby out of the tank. Thankfully, the felt covering on the stand legs allowed me to slide the tank and stand across the floor without incident. 

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The tank included the following inhabitants:


Khole Tang



Lightening Maroon Clownfish



Pajama Cardinalfish


Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be able to keep the tang long term. What are everyone’s thoughts?

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Received a nice large gorgonian colony with this tank. Is anyone able to identify this gorgonian? Perhaps, @billygoat would have an answer. 






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Looks like a Grube's gorgonian (Pinnigorgia flava). A beautiful and very hardy species from the Indo-Pacific. Photosynthetic, fast-growing, usually forms a bushy shape with no obvious symmetries. Nice pickup! This is an excellent gorgonian for a nano reef. 👍


Cool tank btw! I must have missed this thread but I'll be following along now. 😊

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Thanks, the Grube’s gorgonian was what I was leaning towards but I wasn’t sure. 

That would be great it’s been a pretty slow start so far. The tank still has a lot of work before I can get it to where I want but I’m enjoying the high quality equipment. 😄

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Did some fragging last week but the clownfish wasn’t happy about that....


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Came home to the Pajama Cardinal lying in the sand bed 😥. Assuming this is the maroons doing as everything else looks ok. 



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Unfortunately, I was unable to modify the plumbing for this tank while everything was running which resulted in high nutrients since I couldn’t get good filtration without the sump. Ultimately, I decided to shutdown the tank for something easier to maintain. So for the past two months I put together a 40 gal frag tank to keep the fish and corals. I’m hoping to plumb this tank into the frag tank sometime in the future. 

Final Pictures of the tank 9/14/2020




New frag tank with temp biocube 32gal hood



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