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Baltimore, MD: SpectraPure ATO, 90GPD RODI, UV Light

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Selling a UPLC-II-G6 ATO system. $150 pickup $160 Shipped


Spectrapure CSPDI-90-MF RODI System. Triple TDS meter, pressure gauge. Needs media. Membrane has some life left in it. $175 pickup. $200 shipped


8w V2 Vecton UV Sterilizer. $75 shipped.


49652594301_e63aa3c504_b.jpg20200311_081846 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr


49753744743_c4156df58c_b.jpg20200405_110704 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr


49753745103_c7bb852490_b.jpg20200405_104918 by Mike Fielder, on Flickr

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