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Aqua Splendor

Hello Reefers,
I made a video about the two different versions of Radion G5, Pro & Blue.

I bought both of them because I didn't know which one to buy so I decide to make this video to guide you in your decision:




I will be honest the difference is very slim, to a point I asked my self the question; why they made 2 different versions but I understood the reason behind it.
I still think it could have been 1 model but at least like that, it gives the option for peoples who are focus on a specific target.
Here some screenshot of my video:


I'm not sure to understand why their a big visual difference between the two versions for the same Template, perhaps an update could fix that?

You can achieve the same color with both light manually, but where it gets really different is with the Warm White vs Cyan


This is what I believe where the real difference is.

I calculated the power consumption and the Photosynthetic Active Radiation for each individual channel LED.
You can see my table over here:


I have more details in my video but the main point are here.


I used the XR15 to make the video (because I'm not rich lol, quite the opposite actually) but if you want the bigger version XR30 It's exactly the same stuff, it just more LED, the ratio color LED remain the same.
Hope you appreciate this, I made my choice after making this video image.gif.e9b0387080f5702f52280d42b51cd1d1.gif

- Aqua Splendor

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