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Blue hermits killing eachother?


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I got up this morning and 2 of my blue leg hermits died out of their shell. Seems as if they were tortured. I've had that experience with my 37gal before as well. My blue hermits just keep dying on me. I've seen some pretty aggressive hermits. My questions are...do they kill eachother? Do I need to get larger shells (that's my rational reason w hy they died) so they can change? Last but not least....if you read my specs below...my tanks is super tiny. I'm wondering....if those hermits die....will it cause more nitrates? Please help...!!


Here's my specs:


(been running for 4 months now)


2.5g reef

mini coralife 18W

nano HOB filter

2lbs of live rock

1.5 inches of live sand


Nitrate- 40 (last week)

Nitrite- undetectible

PH- 8.1

Temp- usually around 79

SG- 1.025

Cal- 440


4 blue leg hermits

1 scarlet

2 snails


small Zoo frag

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If you're running a nano, I say get rid of all of your Blue Leg Hermits. They are known to fight with each other and will kill each other and snails in order to get their shell. Small amount of water = any little change is significant.

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Blue legged's are quite hardy, and unless the rest of your tank is looking unhealthy I'd be suprised if it is a water quality issue. I've actually had a blue legged hermit in a brackish tank while it was cycling and it lived for a year. Could something be attacking them? Although you said you had this problem in your 37, so a predator seems unlikely....


As Duke13 said, blue legs can be aggressive, but as long as you have some extra shells in the tank it isn't much of a problem.



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