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Aquaforest Lab, Liquid Foods, & Livestream with CoralVue
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Tired of Refilling Your Dosing Containers?
Components Pro is formulated for High-Demand Reefs
You've mastered the art of maintaining proper parameters in a reef aquarium. Your teeny-tiny frags have transformed into hulking colonies thanks to the scientifically proven ingredients in Aquaforest Components 1+2+3+.

But you can't keep up. You're always running to the local fish store to refill your supplements. Your monstrous Montis and enormous Acros are beasting out, and there's no curbing their insatiable appetites for major, minor, and trace elements.

But wait! The crazy geniuses at Aquaforest Lab have found a cure: Aquaforest Components Pro! It has DOUBLE the concentration of the original formula, so now you'll be able to cut those trips to the fish store in half.

Components Pro is ionically balanced and contains all the essential elements your corals need to thrive. It's just as easy to dose as the original formula—just add equal parts.

Remember, it's not about the size of the aquarium. It's about the demands of the animals within it. Give your corals everything they need—and nothing they don't—with Aquaforest Components Pro. It's potent, pure, and laboratory-tested fuel for corals.


Component 1 Pro
Ca, Sr, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cr, Co, Mo

Component 2 Pro
HCO3, F, I

Component 3 Pro
Mineral salts, Mg, S, K, B, Sr, Li
AF Liquid Foods. No defrosting. No hassle. 
AF Liquid Mysis
Aquaforest's unique formula enriched with garlic extract, which has positive effects on marine organisms. Mysis is beneficial for many aquarium inhabitants! It's known to boost coloration and support tissue development.
AF Liquid Artemia
Replicate the diet Mother Nature provides with Artemia salina. AF gives it a boost with garlic and antioxidants. It's transparent, concentrated, easy-to-feed, and is proven to help sustain and develop marine animals.
Join us tomorrow for a Q&A and Giveaway!
Aquaforest's cofounder Seweryn Lukasiewicz joins CoralVue's Carlos Chacon for a live Q&A session with reef hobbyists from around the world! We'll be talking tanks, coral cuisine, replica rock, and a whole lot more! 💜

We're ready to take your order. Call now!

Chris Conti VP of Sales

Office: 985-718-1465     Cell: 985-607-8655
Fax: 985-781-9081     Email: Chris@CoralVue.com

Ricardo Laso Sales

Office: 985-718-1220     Cell: 985-607-8622
Fax: 985-781-9081     Email: Ricardo@CoralVue.com

Richard McKellips Sales

Office: 985-718-1472     Cell: 985-778-7893
Fax: 985-781-9081     Email: Richard@CoralVue.com

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Copyright © 2020 CoralVue, All rights reserved.

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