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sting ray!!


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Yes he will die. They need lots of room, a deep sand bed, and are very very messy so you could in no way feed it and keep up with the maintenance.


Sorry, you need a 100 gal at the absolute min for such a creature, and that is for the ones that stay small. No clue what you brought home. Some would advocate an 8 foot tank. This is NOT an aquarium keeper period. The nano thought is just impossible. This is an experts-only special case fish.


Do the right thing and send him home.

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Dude, you are gonna get flamed bigtime for this, I am just warning you in advnce.


Try to keep him alive until you can return him. How far are you from the pier or any saltwater ie ocean?


This is from aquariumpros:


What kind of environment do you need to have a small Stingray and what should you feed them?


Since you entered this question in the Marine fish category, I'll assume you mean a saltwater Stingray. Stingrays need a very large aquarium. I would recommend no smaller than a 200 gallon tank for one or two smaller species, and I highly recommend dedicating a tank to Rays, and not keeping them in a community tank. Many fish, even smaller species will pick on them. You cannot keep any aggressive fish or fish that tend to nip fins with Stingrays. Triggers, many Angelfish and some Wrasse species will not work. You need plenty of open water, so few decorations should be used. The substrate should be a fine gravel or sand that the Ray can partially burrow into whenever it feels the need. Rays should be fed defrosted frozen whole fish foods such as silverside minnows, whole shrimp, squid, clam and mussel.



This is about stings:


tissue necrosis and subsequent secondary bacterial infection that occurs as a result is extremely difficult to treat; and many months and several courses of intravenous antibiotics may be necessary.


Necrosis means the tissue actually dies.. not nice so be careful.



Did you acclimate the snail? You better acclimate the stingray very well to keep it even overnight.


How big is the tank and how old is it? I am telling you it will die and that tank will be nuked. Poor stingy.

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Just stop right now and take the mans advise. Let the sting go home. You are not going to keep it alive in a nano. You are going to kill that ray just for the sake of it aren't you. You are going to get so flamed here for this one man. If I were you, I would get under a rock and not show your face in here for a long time if you keep that ray. I am not flaming you or trying to make you feel bad, but use some brains man. Let the poor ray go so it has a chance to actually live. Sorry dude.

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Yes, let it go. The stress it has already endured may have done it in. Give it a chance at least.


Yes i was referring to the sting.


Please let it go and preferrably now. I am no PETA peerson, but this was just plain mean and irresponsible. That poor fish...

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hey epibone dont do it, seriously its like putting a shark in a nano. they keep a few rays at our uni research station - how? in huge round plastic tanks (ie you could swim in them) and with water pumped directly from the ocean. they are messy and need lots of room to swim and burrow in the substrate. if you think its going to do anything but die in a nano you should think again. dont u already have livestock in the tank? you will be risking them too if you try to keep that ray in there.


if you absolutely CANT take it back to the ocean at least take it to a decent LFS where someone who has a bigger tank might be able to give it a home.

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Call up your lfs and see if they'd take that ray as a trade, store credit, or at the very least, an adoptee if you can't get it back to the pier.

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I agree... release the poor thing. If you drove the thing half way across the U.S. then at least post something at reefcentral and see if you can find anyone nearby with experience and an appropriate setup will care for it.

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its irresponsible people like you(poster) that give PETA people a reason to hate our hobby.


please take the ray home, and take down your tank before you do anything else dumb

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what "pier" are you talking about?

Its more than likely a joke...

B/c i cant imagine that there's a person truely ignorant enough to do something like that.

How old are you, ten?





oh yea,


yesterday i caught a baby shark on the shore and put him in my 10g nano! What do i feed him? Is he going to eat my nemo?

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If this isn't BS, and you really can't get the ray back to the water, you could always eat it. Imitation scallops can be made from skatewing or stingray wing, and aren't bad at all. I'm just trying to be practical. I assume you were fishing for fish to eat, not for fish for a nano tank.

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ha ha i love it, but yea your not the smartest guy and all the rays i'v caught on the beach are over 70 lbs. so i don't know how you got it in a nano

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