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CoralVue Aquarium Products
Compatible with ALL IceCap Gyre Pumps: 1K / 2K / 3K / 4K
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Customization, Automation, & Cord Consolidation for Every Generation
IceCap's new pump controller is like a mini HYDROS WaveEngine for Gyres
You've already got an IceCap Gyre. Why should you have to buy a new Gyre pump, when all you really want is the new controller? Now you don't have to!

We are pleased to announce the Gyre Dual Pump WiFi Controller is now available by itself as a standalone product starting today. 

Now you can fine-tune flow effortlessly from your mobile device using any combination of IceCap Gyre pumps. Run a single pump. Pair a 2K and 4K. Connect a 1K and 3K. Drive a 1K and 2K. It’s up to you!

IceCap adopted CoralVue's new smart aquarium platform, HYDROS, to take advantage of many customization and automation options that were only available in the HYDROS WaveEngine until now.

The WaveEngine and future CoralVue smart devices including the Control 2 and Control 4 all use the HYDROS platform, so you'll be able to add more automation solutions to your system and control them all with the same app.

Compatible with All IceCap Gyres: 1K / 2K / 3K / 4K
If you already own an IceCap 1K or 3K pump, you can upgrade it to be WiFi controlled! Just plug it into the Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller and voila! You’re now controlling your old pump using the latest tank tech!
Set Flow Patterns, Create Schedules, and Trigger Modes
CoralVue’s HYDROS platform powers the Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller, so you’ll have access to multiple flow patterns that are programmable by time along with handy modes you can trigger like Feed Mode, Night Mode, or Water Change Mode.
Control 2 IceCap Gyre Pumps with 1 Power Supply
You can control AND power up to 2 pumps from a single Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller. A single power brick means less clutter around your tank! Mix and match different Gyre pumps together to create the perfect flow in your reef.
Easily Connect to a Third-Party Aquarium Controller
The Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller has 0-10V input so you can connect and control your IceCap Gyre pumps from a third-party aquarium controller, like the CoralVue HYDROS Control 4, Neptune Systems Apex, GHL ProfiLux, or the Reef Angel.
Control Other Smart Devices Using the HYDROS App
HYDROS is an aquarium automation platform and product line created by CoralVue. Since the IceCap Dual Gyre Pump WiFi Controller runs on HYDROS, you'll be able to control and monitor other smart devices using the same app you use to control your pumps. 
Watch & Learn on [CVtv]

We've made instructional videos to show you how to download the app, create a cloud account, connect to WiFI, create schedules, flow patterns, configure pumps & more. »
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