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Ramfublio's IM 20 peninsula restart

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I have been wanting to have one of those beautifully hard plumbed tank/ sump combinations for a long time. I think its because I have a weakness, I like the process of building aquariums. I like getting more equipment. I like watching BRS TV, mr saltwater, rocky mountain reefer, and the inappropriate reefer for endless hours. I also dislike an abundance of maintenance. This is a very dangerous coctail.


I find myself thinking about all my aquarium ideas constantly and building elaborate spreadsheets about all the equipment and possibilities. In all of these fanciful dreams I have come to realize a very deep constraint. I have very little money.


So I put myself to a challenge. Use as much of the equipment I already have from before. But use it in a way that is beautiful and considered. Sadly the poverty challenge has only lasted a little time and I am spending money I perhaps shouldn't. But it got me building which is what I love to do.


I have a IM 30g Long which has been up for a year and has had every struggle (insert pain here) we deal with. Its in my office and I haven’t documented it, because well its a mess of tank and hopefully will even out soon. A tangle of cords tubes and stuff everywhere. I can hide my sins from the people who come to my office but I know how messy it really is!


So in this build I want to make an attempt to satisfy these three constraints,

  1. Use mostly Existing equipment (that I like)
  2. Some version of hard plumbing
  3. CLEAN, CLEAN and Organized



Clean up exterior cords - done

Clean up interior cords - TBD

Clean up Tubes - 1/2 done

Create water station/ Create basement ATO/AWC as one

Create method for maintenance


You can hang with me on this adventure. Thanks for Looking






Present Equipment:

Display: IM Nuvo Fusion 20g Pennsula

Rock: Two little fishes Stax

Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w

Circulation: Sicce Syncra 1.0 return pump

Maxspect Gyre 230

Reactor: IM Mini Max


On Its Way:

Auto Top-off: Auto Aqua ATO/AWC

Mechanical Filtration: Filter Socks

Chemical Filtration: BRS Rox 0.8 Carbon


Decisions to make:

  • Sand or not to Sand
  • Do I like my aquascape / shall I clean off old rock and do a combination of old and new rock with new ideas brewing in my head…
  • To purchase another apex for this tank
  • Shall I drill through a wall, a floor, or both for water..
  • Shall I make the tank moveable for deep maintenance?





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