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Magical Ditherfish

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6 days ago I got another possum wrasse as my last one had died durning an ich out break along with 5 other fish. Leaving me with only my clownfish and yellow watchman goby. I loved my first possum wrasse, he was personable, out going and got along with everything, so I decided toget another. 


So, 6 days ago I found a store that had one that was the same type as my first, and I bought him/her. She has been hiding now for 6 days in a cave. I did some reading on shy timid fish and came across some discussions about the use of ditherfish in helping to boost the confidence in timid fish. With that in mind I went out today and got a male blue/green chromis as my ditherfish. The thought that maybe in a few days he would help with my very shy possum. Less then a hour after I added the chromis my possum was out of the cave exploring the rocks and swimming in the water column. 


I have come to the conclusion that ditherfish are magical so I named my ditherfish Luc after a sorcerer in my fav book series.


BTW my possum wrasse is named Jamie after a necromancer from the same book series. Cause when I got her she spent the entire acclimation time playing "dead". Lol. 

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