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Drew's 5.5 Gallon Pico Reef

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Hey what's up...been in the hobby for over 18 years at freshwater and about 6 years at saltwater... .I just recently started my 7th tank and it's a 5.5 gallon pico reef.....this tank was left over from when I had originally tried to dabble into saltwater about 6 years ago (this tank quickly got upgraded to my 5 year old 10 gallon reef tank which can also be found on this site). Its located on top of my mini fridge in my man cave....and so far its up and running pretty well for about 6 months now. (3 month cycle, 3 month added inhabitants)


So here's an equipment list....


-50w cobalt northern heater

-Smart micro ATO

-Aqua Clear 30 filled with

purigen/chemipure blue nano/filter sponge

-Noname Micro pump as powerhead

-Innovative Marine Skye Light

-Custom acrylic top

-Nano Flipper algae scrubber 

-8lbs. Of Carib Sea "life rock"

-10lbs. Of Carib Sea live sand


Tank Inhabitants:

-4 red legged hermits

-2 blue legged hermits

-Blue yellow tailed damsel

-Green Clown Goby

-Skunk cleaner shrimp


-Rasta Zoa

-Bam Bam Zoa

- Purple stylophora

-Seriatopora Hystrix

-Jack o lantern lepto








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Love the scape. It looks very natural


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