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Riddex's Journey from Beginner To Expert

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Hi All,


I've been observing this site and others like it for a little while now getting prepared to dive into my first ever tank and I mean ever, I've never even had a Goldfish.


Looking at other peoples journals, I thought it would be great idea to log my journey from being a complete novice to see how I can develop my knowledge with help of you guys and other sources to become an "expert".


So below is my current set up:



I got everything set up and running on the 25th April, I used pre-mixed water from my LFS. I dosed ammonia up to 2ppm and dumped in a bottle of bacteria and have just let it sit with the light off since. 


I tested this morning and my ammonia has all but disappeared and I'm currently in my Nitrite spike around 4ppm but also have Nitrates at around 40ppm so I'm pretty sure that I am only a few days/week away from being fully cycled and ready to go.


Below are some pics of my set up, I'm hoping to add some more rock/barnacles/macro to the tank but have struggled to find any.







I did have a bacterial bloom last week but seems to of cleared up now.




I will of course add livestock slowly below are my plans:




  • 1x Electric Blue Hermit Crab

Image result for electric blue hermit crab


  • 1x Cowrie, Bumblebee or Cerith







  • 2x Clownfish - not 100% sure on what breed yet, will see what my LFS has at the time and if they can cut me a deal. Below are the ones I like.

image.jpeg.6d26519ad5493ac22aa952e71bbf6bcb.jpegImage result for clownfishImage result for clownfish




  • 1x Duncan



  • Some Zoa's



  • And whatever takes my fancy while at the LFS (maybe another 3-4 pieces), will only be going for LPS and softies to start, will be months/years before I go for SPS I'll see how I feel.


So I will keep you all updated with my trials and tribulations as I progress my first every tank, feel free to ask any questions and of course all advice is welcome. 


Happy Reefing guys.

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Hi @Riddex, and welcome to the community! :welcome: 


The reefing hobby can be quite daunting in the beginning, but if you end up liking it even half as much as most of us here on N-R I am sure you'll think it's well-worth the investment of time and attention. Great call to start a journal to document your progress too! It's a wonderful way to keep a record of what you've been doing and get all sorts of advice and guidance as well.

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Welcome to Nano-Reef!

It sounds like you’re well on your way. Most people recommend waiting for the tank to cycle 2 ppm ammonia in 24 hours which usually takes around 3 cycles. Luckily, the first cycle is always the slowest. 

For cleanup crew I recommend starting with a banded trochus or two and a few cerith snails. The bumble bee snail doesn’t do much for cleanup but they are cool looking. I would also caution against the electric blue hermit as they are one of the larger hermit varieties and more likely to eat snails. The smaller varieties such as the blue legged and scarlet are better options, not to say they won’t eat a few snails. 

For clownfish your best sticking to the Percula or Ocellaris. If you plan on having a pair I would pick up two that have been together already, preferably paired. 

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WV Reefer

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Hey guys,


A few updates, the tank is now fully cycled.

The other week I added some CUC and 1 fish. I know I should probably wait longer but yesterday I added my first few corals and another clown.


I got 1x duncan, 2 x mushrooms, 1 x GSP which I intend to grow up the side of tank.






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