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Torch coral

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hi all

i recently bought a torch coral frag. It iwas way smaller than I thought. Post proper accumulation, I placed it in my nano

my parameters are as under


ammonia : 0

nitrite: 0

nitrate: 20 ppm

Ph: 8.2

Po4: 0.03

Alk: 7.3

calc: 400


the torch is still shrunk and the tentacles are not extending

i tried lowering the flow and reduced the light intensity. It showed done response but yet the tentacles are not extending as it was before I got them .

 I changed the placement and placed it on the stand and a bit away from direct overhead light


any idea what I can do?




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Diamonds x Pearls

How long ago was the purchase? I've seen some torch corals enter my store and stay relatively closed-up for at least 2-3 days. I would say be patient and keep it from strong lighting and flow like you already have. A common practice of acclimating corals is setting it at the bottom of the tank and eventually moving it a higher placement where you intended it in gradual steps.

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its exactly a week now since I purchased.

The skeleton looks shattered. Maybe it wasn’t fragged appropriately.


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