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Fluval Spec V & 20g long AIO Plans

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Hello fellow nano reefers , wanted to post the plans of two tanks and what brought me uptoo this point.

I began reefing at 17 y.o with a 2.5 g aio pico. The tank was thriving with little effort, had zoas,shrooms,xenia and feather caulerpa. I put the hobby on hold due to envolvment with many reptiles. My dad picked up the hobby from me and started a 90g mixed reef. It was a beautyyy. Unfortuantly we had to tear it down do to sock overfilling leak that neighbors below us complained to mgmt. About. We both went dry on the hobby for about 4years until i told him he should start a nano reef. He went with the 45 jbj . Now his tank is filling out and i want to get back in it with these two tanks🤓. Focusing on easy matienance of water parameters and TRUE AIOS . Being i had amatuer success with the 2.5g aio. Stay Tunedddd




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Fluval Spec V mods ,equipt.stock plans


Intank media basket 

MJ 606 return pump

RFG for fluval spec v. And ½ locline extension

Aquarium refill water filler (gravity fed ato)


Current usa orbit marine pro led 

Tunze 6040 pump( still debating if I need the extra flow)

 .and still trying to find a decent small heater to put in the sump area


livestock & corals

Planned to make this a mantis (n.wennnerae) only tank. But its going to be hard placing corals without getting hit!. May just add a clown goby and call it a day


Invert plans-none if i decide on mantis. But probably just one conch snail. 


Coral plans -Mutiple zoas, branching and plating montis, chalice, acans

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