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KMitch's IM Peninsula 20 ZeoVit Build -- Six Months In

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A few more pics of the tank...











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18 hours ago, KMitch said:

I've gotten a few more PMs with questions about the ZeoVit dosing I'm doing -- so sharing the answer here for the wider group. 


This is my ZeoVit dosing schedule:

  • ZeoStart - 0.15ml / day
  • ZeoBak - 1 drop / every three days
  • ZeoFood - 2 drops / every other day **
  • Amino Acids - 1 drop / day
  • Sponge Power - 1 drop / day
  • Coral Snow - 1ml / every other day
  • Iodine Complex - 1 drop / every other day
  • Coral Vitalizer - 1 drop / every other day
  • Pohl's Xtra Special - 0.5ml / every other day

** ZeoFood "Bonus Week" - One week a month, I dose 6 drops of ZeoFood a day and stop dosing ZeoStart during that time


I'd hardly say any of this is "required" - the top three (ZeoStart, ZeoBak and ZeoFood) are the core elements of a ZeoVit system (along with the rock media), but the rest are supplements to help feed corals and grow them. Some of them also help with biological filtration - like Coral Snow. That is an almost clay-like chemical that is dosed to the tank, temporarily turning the water into a murky milk color. But it helps to bind the junk in the water a little better and the protein skimmer can then pull it out. It also apparently tastes delicious to the coral, because the feeding response when I add it is almost unreal. 



Milk tank after dosing Coral Snow. The murkiness wears off in about an hour, and the skimmer pulls some extra thick sludge out during that time. 



Apparently it also contains coral drugs, because the feeding response is unreal



Yum Yum coral snow!


The rest of my dosing regiment comprises of adding BRS 2 part for alk/calcium on a weekly basis. I also do bi-weekly water changes and replace the carbon monthly.


I know that putting some drops into the tank every day sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not. I enjoy spending a few mins every day feeding the fish and admiring the view in the tank. The extra 20 seconds to put some drops in is just an excuse to look at the tank! 


To me, the benefits of ZeoVit sell themselves. The growth I've had in this tank is sick. The stability is rare for a tank this young. I have had no algae issues to speak of. My corals are more colorful and vibrant than ever before, and I am a believer! 

Wow, tank looks beautiful!


I'm running the Aquaforest system which I think is close to Zeovit, so I understand the daily dosing needs (daily 3-part, feeding, and ABEV supplements). And like you I enjoy the routine. Keeps me up close to the tank, so it's great. 

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On 9/16/2020 at 8:43 AM, 5*Chris said:

Wow, tank looks beautiful!

Thank you! I am very pleased with how it looks!


I caught something weird yesterday -- I witnessed a snail being eaten by one of the coals. Had never seen anything like that before. Took me a min to remember to pull out the camera and take some pics, but here's mid-snack and post snack:



Coral with the snail in its mouth



Done with coral snack... spitting out the shell


I also took a few pictures of the full setup last night after it was dark in the rest of the room. There's enough ambient light that it can be tricky not to get glare, so I waited until after dark and when the tank lights were just a few minutes from shutting off to get a few FTS. Some of the corals are starting to close for the night...







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I had the pumps off for some maintenance yesterday and took a few top down shots to share...



















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