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29g - First Tank Build - Starting at Zero

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37 minutes ago, Hasted said:

I haven't and that's one of my top choices! I have heard some bad stories about chopped fish, so I would have to get a cover for it. Thanks for the suggestion! I feed on others experiences.

I could see how fish could possibly get sucked in from the backside of the pump...but it would have to be smaller fish in my opinion.  I haven't experienced this...and hope I never do.  

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Is this looking like a Feather Duster hitchhiker? Left side off Lord.



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Today is one week with the new corals. Everything other than the Splatter Spongodes Montipora seem to be settling in. The SSMonti has a bleached tip still and only one green side. Other half is black. Moved it last night to more flow and more light to see if it colors up. 




I am also doing tests of the big 3 every other day just so I get a better idea of what my tank is consuming. It isn't much it seems, but at least I know. Slow and steady is what I am aiming for. 


Going to slowly chop the pegs of some of these frags and give them a more permanent home. These racks aren't appealing and traps detritus the snails can't get to.



Thanks as always for stopping by! Nothing too crazy to report. 

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