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Exiting the Hobby Sale, DFW, Complete IM Nuvo Set-Up

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I am not sure why I can't post this in the classifieds - I was able to when I sold another set-up back in 2011. I had enough posts then so maybe the rules have changed?


For Sale in DFW (West Plano area):

Tank and equipment have been up and running around 10 – 11 months, but I am moving soon and am not taking it with me. (The Ecotech was used for approximately 6 months and has been in storage for the last 4 – 5 months.) Please forgive the pictures, I tried, but I don't have any filters or software to compensate for the blues.
Local Pick-up Only
$1000 for EVERYTHING listed
TANK:  Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano 10 Aquarium (12" l x 15"w x 13" h)
STAND:  JBJ Cubey Black Gloss Stand - Black (12.15" l x 15.78" w x 36" h)
PUMP: Sicce Syncra .5
HEATER:  Cobalt Aquatics 31002 Neotherm (50 watt)
MEDIA: InTank Media Basket
LIGHT: NanoBox Tide Plus M (Mini) (Comes with 2 lids - swirl purple and orange fluorescent) 
CONTROLLER: Neptune Apex EL (8 outlet + temp probe + pH probe) + Apex WXM wireless expansion module
WAVEMAKER:  Ecotech MP10wQD 
ATO: Smart Micro with Reef Creators + 2.5 gallon Reef Creators ATO container (6" w x 8" d x 12" h - 3.5" fill hole and 1" supply line hole)  
Rock – Approximately 10 – 12 lbs of CaribSea Life rock shapes
(I don’t recall which sand, but believe it is CaribSea)
5 – 7 sexy shrimp
2 anemone shrimp (2 varieties)
Porcelain crab
Pompom crab
Several ultra rock flower anemones (5 – 7 est)
Carpet anemone and bubble tip (I believe these are still in the tank)
Flipper Mag Algae Scrapper
15" Straight and Curved Forceps
Julian's Thing Feeder










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