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my minibow-7 nano reef

reefer on a budget

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reefer on a budget

here's a copy of my post on reefcentral nano reef forum.

my 1st official attempt at setting up a nano and a downgrade from my current 200 sps tank.


here's my mini-bow 7 office nano that's been setup for 3months now. ive kept the setup real simple so that maintenance is kept to a minimum. 2gallon water changes are done biweekly along with dosage of bionic 2part every few days.

tank is setup for low maintenance and uses only a 100gph maxijet for circulation.

no mechanical filtration is needed nor is a heated as the office has climate control. temp is at a steady 78degrees day and night.

lighting is 2x28watt pc(10k&50/50) along with a led moonlight.

the canopy is custom made with acrylic by a local tank builder. for more info on the canopy pls send me a PM.

i tried to setup this tank on a low budget so most of the corals were either given to me or traded for. im a die hard sps guy so most/if not all of the corals shown i personally would not place in my home tank. however, i do like the mix look and it's a nice constrast from all those branchy looking corals we're so fixated on most times. in all id estimate ive put in roughly $200 in total for the whole setup.

excuse some of the algae on the back glass as i didnt get a chance to clean up at the time of taking pics.

im not quite done loading up with corals and i estimate in a few wks ill have it packed to the point that the rock cant be seen.

hope you like.











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