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10 gallon cube stocking help

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Hey hey!


So I'm 2 weeks into my cycle. Things are looking good, 0 ammonia 0.5 nitrite and nitrates are high. The cycle is getting their.


I have reserved 2 clows already, as a fresh shipment came in at the LFS, and i have them put aside. A bullethole and a davinci both super nice. 


My question is how many more fish (if any) should I eventaully put in my tank? Not right away obviously but down the line. 


Currently have 10 hermits as well and 5 snails. 


It will be a mixed reef; Lps, sps and soft.


Thank you! 



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In a 10g, the 2 clowns alone would be best. It's a small tank and agression/territory issues can arise easily. 

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