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Hermit crab hitchhiker in brand new uncycled tank. Is there any hope for it?

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Hi All,


I am in the process of starting my first saltwater tank. I’ve had the salt water heating and mixing since yesterday morning and I calibrated my refractometer this morning and measured the salinity and it was at 1.23.  I just now added some live rock and a tiny hermit crab crawled out of the depths of one of the rocks. Is there any hope for it? My tank is very new (obviously) and I wasn’t planning on adding any animals for at least a couple of weeks/whenever my test results were showing that the tank is cycled. I know that invertebrates are usually more sensitive than fish. Is there anything I can do in the future to prevent somebody getting a shock to the system when I don’t know it’s in the rock? Should I get some prepared algal food for it? The rock it came out of is pretty green though I don’t know what kind(s) of algae are on it. How long does it take a hermit crab to die if it’s going to? As in, if it’s alive tomorrow is it likely going to survive? I think it’s blue but I know there is more than one type of blue hermit crab. Thanks for any advice!

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