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which would you pick, skimmer or fuge?

el pez

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ok, trying to decide if i wanna go with a good skimmer or a fuge and a so-so skimmer.




AC300 fuge and a modified seaclone




a CPR bakpak 2 skimmer(maybe remora)


i like the idea of having a fuge, but i also at the same time want the best possible option for the water quality. the CPR is fairly wide and would take up all the room needed for an HOB fuge. the remora is thinner, but still i think too wide to fit an AC300, looks like a seaclone would fit with one though(20 inch tank)


which of these 2 options would you pick and why?

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i'd pick skimmer ... only because of the crap i see my prizm deluxe is capable of pulling out of the tank... u can always throw a clump of macro algae in the back of your tank, and as long as it's there, pods will grow, and nutrients will be absorbed by the macro. they probably won't produce as much as a refugium would but it'll still help with a pod population...


as for the skimmer, well here's a picture to give you a visual of what's in a "seemingly clean" tank.


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AC300 fuge and a modified seaclone


With both a fuge and skimmer (if you can make it work okay) youll be attacking the problem from different angles and stages in the break down cycle.

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