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What filters Do you run in your AIO?

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Hello all!

    Curious what others are using to filter their tanks. currently in my JBJ 28g Nanocube I filtering with some basic filter floss(replaced every 3 days), 1/4th cup carbon (replaced @ 2 weeks), and Purigen. I am relatively new to the hobby and wanted to see what others used! 


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From top to bottom... Filter floss, carbon, RowaPhos, Seachem Matrix Media. Floss changed weekly and carbon/GFO replaced monthly 🙂

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Filter floss and seachem carbon.


I only use phosphate reducers as needed and refrain from doing so as they can strip tanks pretty quickly

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Filter floss and carbon

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Gourami Swami

In my 40g fiji cube AIO's media tray:

Top: Filter floss

Middle: Bio balls

Bottom: Chemi-pure nano


Second chamber I have some chaeto, will replace with a skimmer soon.

Pump chamber: ATO sensors

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Biocube 29


InTank media basket

Top: filter floss

Middle: phosphate pad or phosguard

Bottom: Chemipure elite

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