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Aquascape ideas?

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Does anyone have some suggestions for a cool rock layouts or link to some ideas? 

I've had past sw fish experience but this is my 1st reef tank. A 32g Biocube. 

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Thank you. Some great ideas here. 

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There's so many considerations for SW scaping it's easy to be overwhelmed. A few general tips, and a recommendation:

  • Consider the type of corals that you'll want to keep, how they will grow, and what type of flow and light they'll need - coral placement is totally dictated by the scape
  • Consider adding some little hidey holes and arches for any fish you might want to keep
  • Consider whether your scape will create big deadspots for flow; generally avoided by not piling rocks on the back wall!
  • Remember the "rule of thirds" to make a really aesthetically pleasing scape
  • Don't go overboard on big rocks - sure they add a lot of mass but it's the small rocks which really add the interest and depth to a rockscape; less is often much more


If it's your first SW scape I'd go the dry rock route, that way you can really take your time with it and build it outside the tank and play around etc - it's worth getting the scape right because you have to look at the bloody thing every day! Plus you'll get to experience all the joys of a cycling tank and learn a lot on the way. For the tank size you're talking you could make a couple of little coves, islands, or a nice arch or two - you've got loads of options 🙂


Good luck!


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