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Is my tank cycling properly?

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So long story short, I am cycling my tank. I started about two weeks ago. I have my previous live and dry rocks from my old tank. I washed them with hydrogen peroxide and rinsed them. I bought ocean water from petco, 50 gallons worth and I have live caribsea sand. 
water temp: 80

ph: 8.2

Api ammonia: 0.25 

salifert ammonia: <0.15

nitrite: 0

nitrate: 20 ppm


when i set up my tank, I had it running with a powerhead and a canister for a week. I told my LFS about it and they gave me a chromis and 2

clownfishes to cycle. Then, I figured out, he messed up. So, I bought prime and started adding prime. also, I added dr tims one and only. Also, seachem stability in the beginning. My fishes are eating and swimming. I feed them every other day. One frozen cube and one shrimp. This is how my rocks looks 12 days in with my fishes. 9059BC66-55B8-47DA-AC30-BAF3809CEB86.thumb.jpeg.37f12ceca2d91545cf9017c1c37e4e15.jpegA9013B37-A60C-4BF2-A1E1-3B18EBADCABF.thumb.jpeg.d32f1bd6cda337b34afb3d0d99a68449.jpegCFBCBD4C-CDA7-44E9-8DD4-42E203D5F699.thumb.jpeg.58a58936e3d763160d798e6fba02a6c4.jpeg



btw I only turn on my lights for this picture . 


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Ocean water isn't going to do you any good for cycling, and is probably more expensive and more trouble than it's worth. Just buy a good salt mix and mix at home. 


It sounds like you're feeding way too much. Feed way less than that, but do it daily- tiny feedings, more often, is better. 


Water temp is a couple degrees too high. You should be doing large water changes any time you see ammonia while you have fish, as the ammonia will harm them. 


Hydrogen peroxide would kill surface bacteria, and do nothing to the stuff inside, so that wasn't going to be helpful either way. 


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I cleaned the rocks before I put it in my new tank to restart. My old tank was bad. Also, the ocean water was in the beginning, it was only for one day- the first day of my tank being set up. But, after that day I have been doing water changes, I have been doing my own mix with instant ocean salt. Also, another reason why I think my ammonia is high because my tap water. I have done research that New York City Tao water contains high ammonia. So, my rodi equipment finally came in yesterday, and today I will be doing a 25% water change for the next few days until my ammonia goes low.

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It's hard to say really, but based on the presence of the nitrate alone you must have some biological filtration established and in effect - so yes, it's cycling.


That said, you've gone about things in a rather higgledy-piggledy way. By doing water changes you're just making it harder to tell what biological processes are happening in your tank. Next time you'd be better off chucking your rock and live sand in and adding your ammonia source + good bacteria and leaving it to do it's thing - no fish or needless water changes until you're satisfied nitrates are being readily produced and in high numbers. Cycling with hardy fish is a valid method but there's easier ways to cycle a tank these days.


But that won't help where you are now... Just keep feeding your fish as discussed above and keep an eye on your ammonia and nitrates. It's probably half way there, keep things steady for the next week or two and you'll be fine. Any concerns over ammonia etc. just throw some more bottled good bacteria in.


It's cliche to say but true, nothing good comes from rushing... You can't research enough.

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I agree cycling with fish is just not a good thing to do, it's rather cruel and causes unnecessary health issues.


I would feed less than what you currently are and feed every day. 1 cube + is a lot.


Your temp is fine, as long as its stable.


Your numbers indicate your tank is cycling but the nitrates in this situation may not be from bio filter but rather tap water use. Just keep monitoring  with fish in the tank, you will have to do frequent waterchanges to reduce the ammonia levels 


I would add biospira to help.

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