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Aquaticlife 115 mini skimmer problem

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I have just purchased this mini skimmer and cannot get it dialed in what so ever. I also noticed on the side by the bottom clip there are little micro bubbles coming out like it's leaking maybe that's the problem why I can't get it dialed in proper. Other than that it's doing what it should just having hard time dialing in and it producing tons of white skim and clear water in collection cup. Do you all think it's due to the small air leak on the side where the bottom clip is.. 


Note: it is not cracked anywhere I just don't know if it's sealed good or not or even how to get a good deal on it to stop that if that's the problem.  Thanks.


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It's probably not supposed to be sealed....that's where the skimmed water exits most likely.


Do you have the skimmer at the proper level in the water?


If it's at the right position then IMO you just need to wait for the skimmer to break in. 


You can cut off the air-flow for a day or so (leave the skimmer running) and then try again to see if it skims better.  (repeat if necessary)   


When it's new, there are often oils on the skimmer from being handled and from manufacturing.   They'll wear off sooner than later.


Taking the skimmer out and giving it a thorough wipedown cleaning with some vinegar MAY help.....but time will help for sure.

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Thanks tons for responding, yes it's set right it's been running and getting better still micro bubbles going into tank but that's all good.  The foam is getting thicker and it is pulling stuff out. The foam is still white but the water in collection cup is a light tinge of green. Only time will tell I actually had to do a modification to it for it to skim right in my tank but working like a champ so far and only can get better as time goes by.. once again thanks for your response!!

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