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Control & Monitor Your Aquarium for $199.99 🎮

CoralVue Aquarium Products

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CoralVue Aquarium Products
Is the tiny Control 2 for you? Here's a preview!
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HYDROS Control 2
Control & Monitor Your Tank for $199.99
The HYDROS Control 2 is the most affordable aquarium controller on the planet. It is capable of performing all of the major functions for your aquarium. It’s perfect as a standalone controller for a basic saltwater or freshwater tank. You can also combine it with other HYDROS devices part of a larger system!
HYDROS Control 2
Automate Like a Pro, Even if You’re a Beginner!
Set rules, create schedules, and even monitor your tank remotely.
On day one, you'll have what you need to automate your aquarium right out of the box. The Control 2 comes with a WiFi controllable power strip to turn on & off lights, pumps, skimmers, reactors, and other equipment. There’s a temperature sensor so you can use real-time data to turn off your heater and turn on fans if the water gets too hot. Let’s take a closer look at the ports on the controller so you’ll get a better understanding of what the Control 2 is capable of!
HYDROS Control 2
The Control 2 Has 2 x Universal Sensor Ports
Most aquarium controllers use several different types of sensor ports. But not the Control 2. We’ve introduced a new universal Sense Port that allows you to plug in whatever type of sensor you want, so you don’t have to buy expensive extra modules to clutter up your aquarium stand.

Here are some examples of sensors you can plug into the Sense Ports:

CoralVue HYDROS 1/4inch Flow Sensor
HYDROS 1/4inch Flow Sensor

The HYDROS ¼” Flow Sensor can be used for calcium reactor feed lines, RO/DI system tubing, automatic dosing pump lines, automatic top-off (ATO) system lines, or anything else that feeds liquid through ¼” tubing that you would like to monitor.
CoralVue HYDROS ATO Auto Top-Off Kit
HYDROS Auto Top-Off Kit

Why purchase a separate and expensive auto top-off system when HYDROS can do the job for you? The HYDROS ATO Kit comes with everything you need to use your Control 2 as an ATO system. The Kit includes a Water Level Sensor, DC Micro Pump, Hang-On Tubing Mount, Tubing, and a Siphon Break.
HYDROS Control 2 Drive Ports
The Control 2 Has 2 x Drive Ports to Power Stuff
Drive Ports provide switched 12V DC power to run small lights, motors, pumps, fans, and other accessories. The exact current being supplied by each port is continuously monitored, so if a motor or pump quits drawing current or draws too much, you will be immediately notified.

Here are some examples of accessories you can plug into the Drive Ports:

CoralVue HYDROS DC Micro Pump
HYDROS DC Micro Pump

When connected to a Drive Port on the HYDROS Control 2, the controller will supply power to the pump, so no additional cords or power bricks are required for operation. Combine with optical and/or mechanical water level sensors from HYDROS to create a clutter-free auto top-off system. 
HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip
The Control 2 Comes with 1 x Power 4 Power Bar
The Power 4 has 4 x 120V AC outlets and 4 x USB ports that are WiFi controllable using the free HYDROS app for Android and iOS/Apple mobile devices. You can turn outlets on and off wirelessly over a 2.4 GHz WiFi frequency. The Power 4 has a range of 98’, so you can place power strips around your home without any difficulty connecting to your modem or router.

You can use multiple power strips and smart outlets for your aquariums:

HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip
HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip

You might use a couple of Power 4’s to power your display tank, place another in the garage for a hospital, quarantine, or frag tank, and even have units in each of your children’s bedrooms to turn even beginner tanks into smart aquariums. Be notified if an outlet fails so you can take corrective action!
HYDROS Smart Plug
HYDROS WiFi Smart Plug

The key difference between the HYDROS Smart Plug and the HYDROS Power 4 Power Strip other than the number of controllable outlets is that the Smart Plug can measure the current and wattage of the device it is powering and alert you if it moves out of tolerance.
HYDROS Control 2 and Control 4 - Easy & Affordable Aquarium Controllers!
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