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I'm Back.... tdkarl

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Hey Gang,

Recently getting back into SW arena.  Used to be on this forum back in the early 2000's and used to listen to the pod casts.  Learned alot!!!  My old ID was tdkarl on the threads and I had and 12 Gallon JBJ Nano and eventually went to larger 30, 75, then 120 size tanks.  Then moved and got out of the hobby for about a decade.  Remember some of the basics but I know there is a huge science to this...  I am debating on getting another JBJ, maybe 24 Gallon.  I used to have a Remora Skimmer, they were awesome skimmers a decade ago.  Started running one on my nano, moved it to the 30, then onto the 75 and may have even used it on the 120, but hard to remember....  Just very versitile skimmers.  Are the remoras still as good or is there something new better cheaper with technology the last 10 years?  And looks like the JBJ's have upgraded a good bit.  LED's are the way to go now.  Are the stock LED's in the JBJ's good?

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Christopher Marks

Welcome back @Gakarl100

Check out this month’s featured nano reef, it’s a 16 gallon Biocube with stock LED lighting. 

Send me a private message if you’d like help getting back into your old account. 🙂 

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