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Aqua Splendor

Hello Reefers, I wanted to share my experience with a product to remove Flatworm in your tank. I documented a little bit of the reaction on different corals also. If there anyone who uses this product before let me know if it worked for you.


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less than bread

I know this post is old but I figured it would be better just to add my comments to this thread instead of making a duplicate one.


I had a pretty extensive outbreak of the reddish-brownish flatworms. Over the course of a couple weeks, they slowly got more and more as I was trying to manually remove them. Then I went on vacation and when I returned after 5 days, the population had exploded. I knew I had to take the plunge and chemically get rid of them. I was nervous because I heard the horror stories of the dead and dying flatworms killing everything in the tank.


So I got a bunch of newly mixed saltwater ready and 3 bags of carbon. I wanted to make sure I went overkill on the toxin removal steps. I first siphoned out as many little buggers as I could, then added the flatworm exit. 16 drops for my 20 gallon. Within minutes, the flatworms that were left started dying and floating around and I siphoned those out. After about 10 minutes I added the first bag of carbon and continued siphoning out the dying flatworms. There were a lot. After about 20 minutes, I added 20% new water and switched out the carbon with another fresh bag.


After about an hour, it looked like I had gotten all the visible flatworms and I removed the final bag of carbon. Over the subsequent few days, I dosed more flatworm exit to kill off the remaining flatworms. I plan to continue doing this until the little bottle is gone.


It is stressful to use, especially when you're frantically sucking up all the dead and dying flatworms and them monitoring everything after, but as long as you are prepared and diligent, this stuff is awesome. 

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