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Start pico reef Dymax iq5

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Hi everyone,

My name is Baptiste, i’ve been in freshwater aquarium since a while now and wanting to start a pico reef, i heard this is not ideal to start with a pico but as i had a Dymax iq5 i wanted to give a try :). Before that i’ve been researching a lot, watching videos, reading books and forum ... 

I bought a RODI filter set it up and tried it, all good.

Come the time to buy sand, live rocks and salt. So i went to the nearest store (30mins drive) and bought all. When i came back home, i realised i forgot to buy salt so i decided to go back quickly but took time.

My live rocks were in a bag closed at home without water. When back home, i started setup everything but took me at least 2h.

So basically the live rocks were sitting during 3-3.5h in bag without water. I setup the aquarium, water at 1.025 ppm salinity, temperature 26degrees and i have a small protein skimmer wich i start it. 

2 Days after, the water got very cloudy and the aquarium was smelling really bad like rotten eggs . A lot of worms and little shrimps died from the rocks.

i’ve searched online to fix it and saw i needed to cure the live rocks to eliminate the died and start again the cycle. 
I cured it in a bucket closed with a pump during one week and after one week rocks were not smelling anymore and water was pretty clear. I’ve decided then to start again the cycle and put everything back in the aquarium.

So here we are, it’s been 4 days since i’ve started again and my live rocks doesn’t look normal ... Again i’m a beginner so maybe everything is ok but i haven’t seen anything like that on internet ... 

i’ve done 1 water test and got

1.0 ppm Ammonia 

0.25 ppm Nitrite 

0 ppm Nitrate 

8.2 PH 

I haven’t done any other test as i don’t think it matters now ...

Do you think my live rocks are dead and will never cycle ? Should i buy new one or wait and see ? 
Thanks for your advices :) 



Ps: Sorry for the picture not the right side :/  


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Looking any better yet?  I'm also a beginner but it sounds like you went a little quickly on setting the tank up.

I think the salt water should have been aged a bit in the bucket with some movement, an air stone.

Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in and help

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