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Is this a good deal on ebay?


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LoL hopefully its not a REAL good deal, and then ill find that a lot of people bidded for it, but I saw this on ebay and to me it seemed like a great deal.




It seams like all the equipment that I would need is there except the MH I would get. It says it is a 19 gallon, does this include the fuge most likely? The seller has positive feedback ratings. What do you all think :)??

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-you will have to replace the lighting (13 wats is not enough by a long shot)

-making a fuge is extremely cheap

-rio pumps are trash...actually almost anything made by rio is trash


the only thing worth a damn in this auction is the tank and I have seen them at petsmart for alot less than he is selling

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it looks liek a good deal to me. prime your not right about the lgiht 13 watts is fine for a fuge on that tank im assuming you thought 13 watt for the whoel tank. ive heard good and bad about rio, mainly the samller pumps arent too great but the bigger oens are fine. anyways if the pump sucks its only $15 for a new one, and the pumps only to run the skimmer.

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Green smoke tinted acrylic will be a pain in the a$$.

It will be all dark to look at.

With a tank that big youre better off with a 20g and a 10g sump/refuge.

I wouldn't do it. Thats a lot of money that could be lighting a 20.

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Maybe I am missing something, but why would anyone in their right mind make a reef tank out green acrylic? I thought one of the supposed (albeit fictional) advantages of acrylic over glass is A: It's clearer than glass, and B: It doesn't have any green tint.

So what do we have here- An acrylic tank tinted to look like cheap float glass except it scratches easily just like acrylic? I just don't get it.

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I think it would be an awesome set up if it wasn't made from that green acrylic.. You could add a MH pendant and be set. That fuge kicks the crap out of anything you can do with a nanocube. I have one.


Plus you can't get a skimmer in the back of the cube either.


All this is moot since that color choice was rediculous. If this person were to redo it with clear acrylic it would be worth looking in to.

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I agree with Ravenflight and xcajx. Wouldn't you buy a tank that's clear and colorless so you can see the natural colors of what's inside (with good lighting, of course)? When my tank starts looking green, then it's because algae is growing on the glass--and that's not at all good to look at. So I use my magnet cleaner to clean the glass.

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