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Fighting+Hiding Clown Fish

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Okay so,


I have two black and white clown fish they were brought from a tank with around 8 of them in around 2 months ago.


They have been getting along really well until..


I noticed today one of them is bullying and attacking the other, the victim is now hiding in a tiny gap in the rock. While the bully swims freely around the tank.


I also noticed in corner of the tank sand has been moved in one spot causing a small crater in the sand. This sounds like they are working things out with regards to sex changing.


My question is, is this part of the pairing process? I haven't read anywhere that during the pairing process one clown fish hides for his life.


Is the pairing failing or does it just take time for sex to change?


Any information or knowledge would be gratefully appreciated 


(water levels are all good.)








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Bump - the suspense is killing me.  How are the pair doing now?

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Pairing can fail....watch out for the poor guy getting bullied and get him out if things don't improve soon.

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