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Maverick Reefer

Making my own version of a 'TMC habitat' nano marine tank

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Maverick Reefer

In April I set up an180 gallon marine tank(6x2x2) I love it and it is doing very well. However, in an effort to keep my 'tinkering' hands out of the tank, I finally persuaded my wife to let me buy some glass, wood and acrylic and build my own 50l display tank with a 25l sump and 7.5 l top off tank. It's been fun, fun, fun....  time to start a build thread.


I'm aiming for a 'mini cycle' at worst.

(there is nothing brown and hairy growing in the sump that's a reflection of the living room rug!) 

as I am seeding the tank with some siporax, a little sand, live rock and some sponge media from the180. I  thought about purchasing  TMC habitat 50 tank... they look so good! Then I thought to hell with spending almost £600 pounds on that... I would make my own 'version' for less than half that amount.... wish me luck! The tank including equipment should cost me less than £300. I'm really looking forward to receiving feedback on my plans for this mixed reef and its progress!

Display: DIY 12 gallon Display

Sump: 6 gallons
Lighting: TBA
Filtration: Tunze 9001 skimmer, filter floss, gfo, carbon
Heater: 50w
Circulation: Jebao 1200
ATO: Tunze Nano ATO - not purchased yet
Dosing: Manual ATI Essentials (not pro and not yet!) 











DSC_0005 1.JPG

DSC_0006 1.JPG





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Maverick Reefer


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Nice craftsmanship.  Following along.

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Very cool.

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