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Recommendations for 150 gallon reef tank.

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I just aquired a 72" X 17" w X 32" deep.


I never considered making my own light until I joined this forum and saw you guys as a sponsor.  I am a DIY guy and if I can save any money I would rather go the DIY route.  

I am very comfortable with electronics and controls, so the actual assembly isn't anything I am worried about.


But I am curious as to exactly what is recommended and needed for my tank.  Would I be better with one 72" heatsink and light, or three 24" or two 36" lights?

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Diy can add up real quick... But you do get you custom made preferences. 


For your build I would get two 36" fixtures of some kind. 


Last time I built a custom made light for a 24" tank it cost $400-$500 easily. 


I'm bored though so let me see what kind of shopping cart I can create 😂


@Reefkid88 is a master DIY led guy. He's always tinkering 

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