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Mag Collar Demo - video

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Mag Collars are just about ready to release.  Mag Collars are a magnetic version of Frag Collars.  Each Mag Collar includes the frag collar and a base magnet.  Collars come in .75in and 1.25 inch diameter.  Once you pick the location for the Mag Collar, glue the base magnet (yep, still requires some gluing) and let dry.  Then simply place the frag collar on the base magnet.  Adjust, rotate, etc as necessary.  


Mag Collars solve several common issues:

1. If you find yourself constantly moving and adjusting your corals, Mag Collars let you pick as many locations as you like (wherever you place a base magnet),which BTW is stamped to look like a small piece of coral skeleton.  Just pick up and move.

2. Great if you don't like the look of plugs glued all over your live rock

3. Very helpful if you need more rock mass to place your coral frags. Mag Collars and Frag Collars both provide a stable platform for your coral frags



Q. Are Mag Collars reef safe (that's a lot of magnets)?

A. Mag Collars are made of reef safe resin (both the collars as well as the base magnets).  No part of the magnets touch water...EVER


Q. Are they strong enough?

A. That's one of the most important detail I have been working on.  Each Mag Collar must be strong enough to hold the frag BUT not be so strong as to pull the rocks up.  I think I have found the right balance.


Q. What will they cost?

A. Mag Collars are targeted to hit the $7 to $9 each price range depending on size (.75 or 1.25 inch frag plug diameter)


Mag Collar Video


mag collar.jpg

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