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Review - Innovative Marine BioSkim DC AIO Nano Protein Skimmer Universal

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Review on my "Innovative Marine BioSkim DC AIO Nano Protein Skimmer Universal" $50


I have a Lifegard 9.98 AIO and the sump area is very, very tight. I purchased the "Innovative Marine BioSkim DC AIO Nano Protein Skimmer Universal". The ad said it was new, so I was skeptical.  Price $50. This skimmer works great. Years ago I had a Tunze skimmer and had to do a lot of adjustments. This skimmer is awesome. I recommend putting it into the 2nd chamber. Had to figure this out. The first compartment is the overfill chamber and I had a sponge in the 2nd chamber, and the skimmer in the 3rd compartment. However, for ATO to work properly, I found it better to put skimmer in the 2nd chamber. Really works well. Dimensions are 3.9" X 2.2" X 11.2. Rated up to 34 gallons. Also includes an adjustable hanger if needed.


Skimmer broke in very fast (few days) and when doing water changes, it goes crazy. There is a recommended water line to be set for the sump and that line, produces very nice skim. I originally wanted an Aqua C external skimmer, that I had used in many of my tanks, but that skimmer is no longer sold. In the Aqua C you could purchase a skimmer cup, that drained when it over flowed. I wish I had that feature for this skimmer. To me, this skimmer price is cheap, for how well it works.


For a bit, I was worried, that I would not be able to get a sump for this tight fit AOI. Luckily, this skimmer fits and does an excellent job.



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