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3 Anemone's in a 10g?


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Before everyone freaks out and starts bad mouthing me, I'll explain.

I really wanted an RBTA. So I researched for about 3 mos. Waited for my tank to reach about 7mos. old, and started shopping. My favorite LFS finally got some good ones in, so I was ready. Heres the point. I found the one I wanted, but it was attatched to a rock covered in bright blue mushrooms, as I stared at the rock the LFS owner quoted me a very low price for the rock and the RBTA. I had to have it, but heres the kicker. There was a GBTA on the rock also. It didnt look very good and wasnt sure I wanted to take it home to watch it die. I thought, oh well if it dies it was free and if it lives ill save one from dying. So I began feeding them and caring for them. They both perked up ant the Rose began to grow. Rosie got to be about 10 inches in diameter and bright while the greenie is still about 4 in with very little color.

Last week I did a water change and moved some stuff around in the aquarium and the next day noticed rosie wasnt looking good. All shriveled up and receded back into her crevice.(After keeipng them for about three months I know they do this periodicly, so no alarm.) The next day she looked the same, not good. The next day was a little better, but I noticed her foot was spread way out, not normal. I couldn't help but be curious, so I took my probe and moved some tentacles to see what was going on. Guess what!!! She SPLIT. That made me so happy. I feel like I have done something right. That brings me to my thread subject.

What the he!! do I do with three BTA's in a 10g?

Also does anyone know how long it takes to heal the tear and regrow the mouth?

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no worries. looks like all is well in you 10 gallon. but son you bta will take over. there will be no room for anything else. lopoks like you'll have a bta nano. :happy: time to set up something else for the rest of you tank. :happy: :happy: two tanks are always better than one. B)

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Well I gotta wait to move or sell it until the mouth forms on eash and I know all is well.


Two tanks are better than one. I recently got a 5.5 and a 2.5. The 5.5 is 2 weeks old today and the 2.5 is still in the design/modification stage.


The "baby" RBTA's are still nearly 6" dia!!

I think I'm gonna move out the GBTA and one of the rose's to make more room for zoo's.


I have a maroon clown in there that thinks he's a mako shark, I couldn't add another fish in and keep it alive. Thats ok though, because he has enough personality and attitude for me.

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You have a maroon clown in a ten gallon aquarium. That is nuts how big is it. You do know that u are going to have to get a larger aquarium for this monster. To answer your question about how long it takes the mouth of the bta to heal. It took mine when they spilt atleast 2 weeks.

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I figured it would take a litle while for them to heal.

The maroon clown was one of those noob purchases, but it has worhed quite well so far. He is about 3 in long and should take another year or so to outgrow the 10. By then I should have a 75 up and running. The choice the will be to keep him or not. My LFS said they would be able to sell him for at least what I paid in the first place. Hes got really great color, dark velvet looking maroon with black pinstripes around the neon yellow-gold stripes.

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I think it looks pretty cool with an anemone taking up 1/3 of the tank. You can control the growth of most anything with the right diet. Enough to keep it healthy, but not enough to put on any size. I feed things to properly.

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