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Coralife biocube protien skimmer


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I have had one of these units running for the past month... I was a bit hesitant about it at first but now that it is up and running I am quite pleased with it. It fits into the first chamber along with the heater. I have it hung on the wall between #1&#2 chambers. This where it got a bit tricky... I have to lift the unit up a bit to get a dry enough operation otherwise it fills with mostly water. I empty the unit daily and the stuff is a greenish brown color.

I could have got a more expensive better unit but for the price and having it hidden away works for me. No cutting or Macgyvering to get it done! This is old school technology for sure. 

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Yeah they get a bad rap most of the time. I've had mine running for over a year and it works pretty well overall once you get the level figured out and it's running for a little while. 

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