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NanoRox Product highlight - Frag Collars

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Frag Collars are pretty unique items.  They were created initially for my own use because I cant stand the look of frag plugs glued to my live rock.  The coral will grow over the plug but in many cases it still looks like an oddly shaped plug stuck on a rock with coral grown over AND it takes a long time.  In addition, I found myself always trying to glue and re-glue the plug down after something knocked it over or just simply did not have enough surface area between the plug and the rock to stick firmly.  


I decided to make frag collars to accomplish two things: 1. blend a bit better with the live rock and give more room to grow before the coral started to attach to the rock and 2. give more surface area to glue the frag down.  OK, Technically that's three reason but you get the point.   I think its a pretty cool solution that provides a lot more options for coral placement.


Oh, by the way, they work great as mini coral bases on the sand bed or bare bottom of the tank.  I use one for a Duncan in my nano that would not be possible otherwise.


I hope you try a set out.  You can find them at NanoRox.com. Please feel free to ask any questions.  


Happy Reefing!



collar2 - final.jpg

collar3 - final.jpg

collar4 - final.jpg

collar5 - final.jpg


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