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Hey All! 12.5 JBJ DX Here

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Hey all!


Figured I would introduce myself as I’ve been posting around the beginners forums quite a bit (thanks to mccaroll, getpsyched, pjanssen, clown, and a few others for all the help!) and I thought maybe it was time to come to the big kid forums 😛


I inherited a JBJ 12G DX from a friend of a friend, it was running for about a year, and I’ve now had it for about 3 or 4 months. After some initial course corrections (dude had his salinity at 1.046! 😐) the tank is flourishing. He had some tiny coralline spots here and there but since I introduced a Kessil A80 in the tank and fixed salinity levels and nitrate levels, it’s exploded in growth.


Had a few planted tanks when I was younger, but got the itch for a saltwater tank after reading and researching for close to 7 months.





Kessil Tuna Blue A80

Spectral controller

Stock 106 GPH submersible pump

Some kind of heater (haven't pulled it out yet to check the brand name because it's working fine. I think it might be a MarineLand or Aqueon).

Hydor Koralia Nano Pump 240


Filtration I’m using a sponge filter and filter floss in the first chamber, Seachem Purigen and ceramic rings in the second chamber, and tons of live rock in the display tank!



1 ocellaris clownfish AKA Biff 

2 hermit crabs

3 Nassarius Vibex

5 or 6 Dwarf planaxis

ORA Galaxea

ORA Marshall Islands Hammer

ORA Orange Colony Zoa




1 bristleworm

Pods pods pods

Hydroid jellies!


I plan on making this tank stocked completely from aquacultured / maricultured sources, and want it to be a softie dominant tank. I envision adding maybe one more coral for this tank and then just letting it ride and trying to foster as much growth as I can with those corals!


Not sure I’ll ever introduce another clown or fish in this small a setup as Biff really likes being the BMOC (as my hand can attest to when I try to reach in the tank). But I do plan on adding a trochus snail or two and a cleaner shrimp to help keep up with cleaning as I feed a little heavy. 


Super excited to be a part of the community and keep learning - just when I think I’ve learned a ton, I discover a new depth to this hobby (thanks to mccaroll, currently reading an article by Dr. Farley about phosphate in the aquarium). Cheers guys and gals!!






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