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Ricky's Reef (120 Gallon)

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Thrassian Atoll
7 hours ago, Rickyrooz said:

Thank you 😁 The ASD Strawberry Lemonade started out similar to the WWC Lemon Twist but now that they have grown into 4" pieces they really started to differentiate. I have the WWC French Tickler and it is one of my favorite corals, it does look different than the ASD Strawberry Lemonade because it doesn't have the yellow tips and the pink and blue is much more pronounced in the body. Yes, I do ship frags just shoot me a PM.

Nice!  I didn’t realize you were running mostly T5. Makes me want to ditch all of my radions.  Haha.  Yeah man, I will have to hit you up sometime.  You should post your coral list.  Fragable and growing out.  

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Wow,this is absolutely KILLER !!! We need more tanks like this running around here !! 

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