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Rob's 10g Nuvo SPS Build

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This will be the build thread for my Innovative Marine 10g Nuvo. I have had this tank for a bit and had it set up two different times as a nano frag tank. This last time around it wasn't successful and corals just didn't do well. I think part of the reason is I didn't have any rock for biological filtration but I did have some marine pure spheres in the back. I have heard Marine Pure can possibly leach aluminum so maybe that was the issue, who knows as I didn't do an ICP test though.

This is my second tank, I have an IM 30L that is all LPS and zoas that I have been pretty successful with so far. (really need to update my journal) With that tank being only 13" tall it is hard to get the right par to keep LPS and SPS together. So I got the idea to set this tank up as an SPS tank. I really don't have a whole lot of experience with SPS and have heard it can be especially difficult to keep them in a nano but I am up for the challenge. Any help or tips from my fellow reefers here on Nano-Reef would be greatly appreciated. If any of you guys have a SPS nano please post a link in my thread.

My current gear list

Innovative Marine Nuvo 10g
Ai Prime HD with diffuser (I may remove the diffuser for more par if needed)
Mame Designs Glass Skimmer
Kamoer X1 Doser
Kps Wavemaker
Smart Micro ATO
Apex Jr
Sicce 1.0 return with RFG Nozzle
Filter Floss holder with poly-fil
Neo-therm 50w heater

This is the aquascape I came up with the other day. I ended up just using super glue to attach the little ledges on, it seemed strong, I hope it holds. I will probably have to be careful when glueing frags to them though. Since I have rock now I decided to remove the Marine Pure. Now to wait for the cycle, I dosed ammonia and am waiting for some Fritz Turbo Start 900 to come in Monday. I am also waiting for the KPS wavemaker I bought on sale for Black Friday.







My IM 30L



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