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Sold my first corals :-)

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All i gatta say is im happy ma corals are working and making me some of my money back i spent on them haha.


Was at petco today and a guy was about to spend 50$ on a 3 headed trumpet coral.. one of those redish brown with green in the center ones.


I said hey i have a teal blue trumpet ill sell you like 3 or 4 heads for 25$..  He followed me to my place i showed him my tank and fragged bout 4 or 5 heads off my gosh probably 50+ head trumpet..  He also wanted my huge torch coral.. I was hesitant on that but when i took it outa the water partially upside down i saw it had grown into 6 heads.. 2 sides were completetly split off each with 3 heads.. So i sokd him one side for 50$.  Its a normal purple pink tip torch but i know those still go for 40-50$ a head and he got 3.


So i made 70$ lol.  Im happy my first ever sale 🙂


these are the corals i fragged.  I accidently broke my trumpet colony in two halfs but thats ok 





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It feels good when the hobby can pay you back a little bit. I’ve been selling some this year too for the first time.

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good deals! yours are prob healthier too 😀

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