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NOOB v2.0 - 29g

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15 years ago or so I started my first foray into a salt water aquarium. First up, was a 29g standard glass FO setup that eventually transitioned to a FOWLR with a bunch of acquired LR. Equipment was pretty stock and basic though I ran a Skilter250 alongside an Aquaclear 20 (I think) along with a couple of small Powerheads. Call it beginners luck, though I had a couple of resources to help along the way, I didn’t have too much trouble with it. This tank was up for only 1-2 years along with a 15g Tall that we moved the LR into and then lost due to an exploding thermometer. Can’t recall why exactly it was broken down, I’m thinking I had a heater failure or possibly a crash but we also ended up moving and were unable to have a setup in the new rental.


Fast forward to being in our own home for a couple of years now and getting back to the point that we’d like to setup another Aquarium. A LOT seems to have changed and though I thought a 29g was small for a salt water tank before, I LOVE seeing all the Nano and Pico setups that seem to be possible now. I’m trying to be smart though and sticking with part of my philosophy that I “think” served me well last time. Go bigger on equipment in the sense of do not go with bare minimum specs for filtration and flow, aka tank turnover rate. Also, take it SLOW so that’s the plan as well this time and I’m doing more research than before and trying to get my game plan in order.


Still have the old 29g glass tank, stand and hood that I planned on using. Having thought about it sitting all this time as well as finding out about Petco’s $1/gal. tank sale, it seemed this would be a no brainer decision. So, on Black Friday checked in to find the $1 sale going on and one 29g tank in stock… SOLD. Went ahead and grabbed a glass top as well. Will still clean and test my old tank and glass top and either find another use or send it on it’s way for a few $’s.


The plan for now is basically a FOWLR tank setup again with similar stock featuring at least one pair of Clowns. My wife and I enjoyed our previous clowns and so that’s where we start. She would prefer a FO setup, but I think the health of the tank and maintaining it would be easier with biological filtration so LR created with our own clean dead coral pieces along with maybe 10 lbs of dry rock are my thoughts. I’d like to move towards a more reef setup at some point but I think it’s either a ways down the road on this setup or possibly I do something along the lines of a 10-20 setup for myself (when I can come up with a suitable location).


So, here’s what I’ve decided to start out with.


Starting Equipment:

Aqueon 29 gal. Standard Glass Tank

Aqueon Versa Top hinged Glass Top

Aquaclear 110 HOB Filter - 500 GPH

Current Orbit Marine 24"-36” LOOP LED

Current Pump Manifold

Current eFlux Wave Pump - 660 GPH (x2)

IOAOI 100W Heater

LCD Digital Thermometer

Carid Sea Arag-Alive Fiji Pink Sand

10# Dry Rock

Various Dry Clean Coral Skeletons

Instant Ocean Sea Salt


Planned Upgrade Equipment:

InTank Media Basket for 110

Skimmer (model not determined)

Current eFlux Wave Pump - 660 GPH

Instant Ocean Reef Crystals Sea Salt


Starter Stock:

Ocellaris Clowns -x2 (or more?)

Watchman Goby - x1

Peppemint Shrimt - x1

CUC (Snails, Hermit Crabs)


Additional Starter Stock Choices:

Bangali Cardinal - x?

Blue/Green Chromis - x?

Dottyback - x1

Firefish - x1

Blennie - x?


Thoughts, Ideas and Suggestions are appreciated and I plan on combing through this site a TON as I gather more insight and inspiration.

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