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Ricordia Problems!


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My tank is about 1 month old. I used 20+ lbs of live sand from someone elses established tank and 12+ lbs of pre cured fiji and marshall island live rock. 10 gallon, 2 powersweeps, Red Sea Prizm Deluxe Skimmer, 2 false percula clowns, 10 hermits, 2 Turbo snails & 1 arrow crab. I bought a piece of LR at my LFS with about 4 or 5 Ricordia heads on it. While paying for the frag the stupid girl behind the counter dropped the bag 2 times. By the time she finished dropping it and putting new bags(that were way too small) over the existing bags to stop the leaks the piece was all messed up. i got it home and most of the green bubbly looking things(sorry!) fell off and they have turned white. It has now been a couple days and they kinda seem to be getting a little color back but everytime my false percula clown tries to nuzzle with the Ricordia they close up. what should i do? Should I take it back and complain or is there something else I can do to help them get better?

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i don't think the clown is going to help. probably want to isolate the ric so that it can heal. the clown will just be an irritant and prevent the ric from healing. one of those acrylic hospital boxes may work, just make sure not too much light.

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