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So this is my first reef tank or anything fish related and I don’t have much money so I got what I could afford. Is this a ok amount of rock for a tank or should I add more or remove some. Will post updates as I go along. Just started to cycle the tank today. (I think that’s what it’s called at least lol) started with dry rock and dry sand. Mixed reef salt and purified water till 1.025 and added a cap full of starter. Dude said one a day till it’s empty. Will need to wait about 3-4 weeks till I add a fish or what ever is recommended. Plan is to have a micro reef tank and take it slow. 


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Looks fine to me....just keep the rock away from the glass so you can clean it.


What size tank? Looks small so stick to tiny gobies and sexy shrimp and such. Don't overload on fish. 


You will want a kid as fish jump. 


What is starter? Bacteria? If so you need some ammonia. 


What light do you have? 

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Yep. Just lay that kid right over the top of the tank. It might take some duct tape or something though, to keep him on it, so your fish stay safe! 🤣


Also, the rock looks to be about the right amount. 

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