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6 GAL Evaporation and Ventilation questions


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I currently have an eclipse six with stock lighting, 7lbs of live rock, just using the stock filter, with filter floss only, and an extra minjet 440. my temp is about 82 F most of the day, with a little part of the filter access panel wedged open about 1". I would prefer my temp to be 80F like it was before adding the extra minijet, but I dont want a tacky way of venting, and I also plan on taking out the stock filter and adding two 13 watt PC's in its place. And then I will need to make the venting better.

Also, Im not a real large fan of the whole evaporation process, before the extra minijet, my lid was completely secure, with a constant 80F and my evaporation was perfect, hardly any water lost from the system ( 1 1/2 cups every 2-3 days) So I would also like any suggestions of "gracefully" improving evaporation losses, with a good ventilation soulution.....Thanks again!!!!!


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you cannot increase ventilation and decrease the evaporation....


thats a contradiction. personally i would rather have to top off a little more often and have a cooler tank....

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