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update - going on 4 months


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Hi all!


here's an updated pic of my tank, it was set up late June. recent additions are a new piece of LR with various macro algae, and a pair of red shrooms. sorry its not the greatest pic.


other inhabitants:


true perc (blur in photo)

coral banded shrimp

turbo and trochus snails


hitch hikers including:

various crabs

xenia sp. polyps

porite sp. coral

small blue/purple polyps


i went away for a few days recently and my PC bulb broke while flatmate was minding tank. unfortunately i had no spares at home so the tank was in the dark for 3 days :*( luckily i didnt lose anything, but i seem to have a diatom outbreak as a result.

also the light over the tank at the moment is a gross yellow colour, im not impressed and am awaiting a whiter tube to come into LFS.


but apart from those small complaints, im generally very happy with my little tank!

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Deleted User 8530

darn... no one Comented on your nice Rockwork. Love it! I just dont get why mine cant be nice *no Wait I know whY! Because im poor LOL* Well Good luck with you!

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haha thanks road kill, actually i have another post with better pics here



i dont know why i posted the pics in this thread, i was using a really gross yellow light for a few days after my old one broke (later found out it was 3000k - no wonder!) dosent the tank look dirty!! but not to worry its now under 8500k - nice and white and looks clean again! :)

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