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rose bta split into 3!!

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My beautiful rose bta [picture below] has split into 3 new nems! I came home from work and found one whole tiny nem and two that still had a strand of 'meat' between them, which separated about an hour later. 

I'm stoked as she is very beautiful, also rather anxious now. The orange clownfish who was hosting in her, is both confused and very busy, as now he has 4 nems to looks after, and is spending his time cruising between all 4.

Any care tips I should know about??

I had in my mind to make sure I didn't fiddle with/change anything at all, and try not to overfeed too much, and see how they go over the next week.

As far as changes, I did recently swap from LFS water to my own mix of red sea coral pro, i've been doing small water changes [7-10%] past 2 weeks and on Friday did a 20% change. 

All the coral look very puffy and happy, the rose nem did look a bit unhappy past 2 days but maybe this is why.




20191029_164630 (2).jpg

20191029_170244 (2).jpg

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Grats! When mine split I don't do anything special....I let them heal several weeks before removing them for new homes.

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