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VCA Random flow nozzles


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I am always looking for new things to try on my reef tanks and the one thing I wanted was random flow without having to purchase more wavemakers which are costly, use more energy, and take up real estate in the tanks.


After watching a lot of videos and going through my options, I decided to go with the VCA RFG nozzles because I had already tried the other options which were either loud, had moving parts which can break, or they cut flow and didn't offer much turbulent water movement.



I first tried the RFG's in my Lagoon, I purchased the adaptors and 2 nozzles.


The RFG's are solidly built, don't take up a lot of room, and have no moving parts. There is no noise from them, they are directional, and they do offer a random flow.


Upon adding them I did have detritus lift into the water column and you can see the random flow these nozzles create. The surface of my water is spotless, I now can run my wavemaker lower in the tank because of the RFG's water movement.

To get a nice sway I had to play with the direction I placed the RFG's in because I have a wavemaker in this tank so it took some trial and error to get the perfect water movement. 


Customer service at VCA is prompt and thorough. I had a problem with one of my nozzles and they responded to my email immediately and sent out a replacement after providing proof of purchase.


I liked what the nozzles provided so much that in my 10g Nuvo I ran 1 single one with an upgraded return pump, no wavemaker. Once I upgraded this tank to the Nuvo 20 I decided to go with the RFG's again.

For my 20g Nuvo it was really important for me to avoid a wavemaker/powerhead in the tank as there are 3 bta's in there. I am only running the Mighty Jet pump and RFG nozzles in this tank. I decided on getting a Y connector and run 3 RFG's in the 20g.

 I didn't have any issue getting a sway motion in this tank. The return pump and the RFG's create a constant gentle sway.



Since going with the RFG's I have noticed not only the surface of my water is always clean but the random flow is gentle but effective as when I use a turkey baster on the rocks now, there is less detritus coming from them. 


I definitely recommend these to anyone looking for random flow in their tanks with or without an additional powerhead.









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30 minutes ago, Opotter said:

I have them on my lagoon too.  Don’t know how I lived without them.

I know, they are amazing. So glad I went with them.


I like reviewing products and reading reviews. It is so helpful to others. 


I won't buy anything without checking reviews first.





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