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R/O question??


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Hey Everyone


I bought a R/O about a month ago and just want to know how to tell if it is doing its job or not.


Also what can i do with all the waste water. can i filter that wiith the tap water filter form Aquarium Pharmaceuticals.




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The waste water is not the same as the tap water, it has a higher concentration of crud. That's not to say you CAN'T drink it, but I wouldn't. You could filter it with the tap water purifier, but you'd burn the filters out pretty fast.


I'd use it for watering plants or something where the water quality isn't critical (I'm not a plant person, some may say it IS critical for them???)

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the crud is basic the stuff that purifies the water like clorine, florine, and other INES, yes there are more heavymetals concentraction but i like a like iron/sulfur in my water adds a favor.


it safe and taste the same unless ur tap has favor already

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